Introducing our new partner - Brij Kathiriya & updating to LLP from proprietorship

Published on 2019-02-15 16:04:21 and last modified on 2019-02-15 16:03:40

Since its inception in 2012 we at Adeptstation have focused on product development & building sustainable solutions.This needs thorough focus on technical aspects along side bootstrapping the finance part.From management end, i was on this journey almost alone and was looking for a partner from quite long time who understands the pain which goes in product development & most importantly one who shares same passion when it comes to build a tech based revolution.


My search ends with Brij Kathiriya, a colleague from by NCC batch & a Mechatronics Engineer from the same college. He comes with an experience of working with GE for almost 3.5 years, and currently looks after a research & development company focused on embedded & IoT development in Ahmedabad.


I’m sure with his presence we will be able to fill the necessary void at the management end and I personally will be able to focus on couple of performing products & make them easily acceptable in the market.


With this we update the company status to LLP from Proprietorship.


We hope to serve you guys on the journey forward with this newly found enthusiasm.

You can connect with us at the following link



Bhaumik Kothari

Founder @adeptstation.