Coupon based subscription management software for flourish dairy - Ahmedabad


Published on 2019-08-02 07:51:30 and last modified on 2019-08-02 07:48:22


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We all have experience of product subscriptions mostly either monthly or annually. Ideally this is for collecting the payments against the active services the user has bought with us. Have you ever thought of susbcription process for perishable items?


A new dairy in Ahmedabad - FLOURISH came to us with this complex task of managing subscriptions for their daily users.


At first this seemed like a simple task of just managing a point/balance based card system, but then here we were looking at a massive on ground operation of door to door deilvery.


Secondly for dairy industries scalability is a complex task. Firstly for achieving it they need local presence among masses via chain of stores.

Our client seems to have a vision planned out to go pan India in next 2-3 years.

So basically after our first meeting, we understood our client requires following major benefits from the software application

  1. Managing a master of all clients with their suscription data against a store
  2. Managing the number of coupons purchased against each product
  3. Getting the exact tally of coupons with the stores and respective clients of the store to get daily demand count
  4. Managing and validating coupons at each store.


Coupons are a core of this application. Basically our end user here will be buying exact number of coupons against the daily usage of product. For e.g. a user has a requirement of 2 milk packets per day, then the user will be pre-buying for e.g 60 coupons of that variant for a monthly usage.

So the hurdle here was to find a way to create a print format of all the coupons in one shot. So firstly we co-ordinated with their coupon printing guy and setup a pixel perfect pdf print according to their input requirement.

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Once we have coupons printed, then part is to scan them link against the store and then against the end user via store operator login. Challenging part here was the UI/UX design. The UX need to be very easy & fast for multiple coupons to be scanned.



So once we have finalised with the coupon allocation UI, we implemented the same for the full coupon rotation. Following inward & outward process steps were created:

  1. Coupon allocation from HO to Stores
  2. Coupon allocation from store to user
  3. Daily inward of coupons from user to store via delivery boy
  4. Direct returned coupons by users to stores
  5. Cancelled coupons


All coupon operations are managed like double entry accounting system. Hence we can get exact tally of coupons on that particular date and time.

With this we gave following reports which can be helpful in their day to day operations:

  1. Store wise coupon issued to customers
  2. Store wise coupon recevied from customers
  3. Store balance report
  4. Customer balance report
  5. Unused card report
  6. Card status report
  7. Card movement log
  8. New  & renew customer report 


Since its implementation our client is successfully managing more than 2 Lakh+  of coupons & 40+ stores accross the cities.



Server end we used PHP Codeigniter framework,

Angular JS for the frontend rendering.

Backend we have used MySQL.

Design framework is developed using Bootstrap4.

Other day to day tools for project management includes our Aimcor ERP & we use GIT for version control.

Bhaumik Kothari

Founder @adeptstation.