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Coupon based subscription management software for flourish dairy - Ahmedabad

  We all have experience of product subscriptions mostly either monthly or annually. Ideally this is for collecting the payments against the active services the user has bought with us. Have you ever thought of susbcription process for perishable items?   A new dairy in Ahmedabad - FLOURISH came to us with this complex task of managing subscriptions for their daily users.   At first this seemed like a simple task of just managing a point/balance based card system, but then here we were looking at a massive on ground operation of door to door deilvery.   Secondly for dairy industries scalability is a complex task. Firstly for achieving it they need local presence among masses via chain of stores. Our client seems to have a vision planned out to go pan India in next 2-3 years. So basically after our first meeting, we understood our client requires following major benefits from the software application Managing a master of all clients with their suscription data against a store Managing the number of coupons purchased against each product Getting the exact tally of coupons with the stores and respective clients of the store to get daily demand count Managing and validating coupons at each store. COUPONS Coupons are a core of this application. Basically our end user here will be buying exact number of coupons against the daily usage of product. For e.g. a user has a requirement of 2 milk packets per day, then the user will be pre-buying for e.g 60 coupons of that variant for a monthly usage. So the hurdle here was to find a way to create a print format of all the coupons in one shot. So firstly we co-ordinated with their coupon printing guy and setup a pixel perfect pdf print according to their input requirement. COUPON ALLOCATION Once we have coupons printed, then part is to scan them link against the store and then against the end user via store operator login. Challenging part here was the UI/UX design. The UX need to be very easy & fast for multiple coupons to be scanned. COUPON OPERATIONS So once we have finalised with the coupon allocation UI, we implemented the same for the full coupon rotation. Following inward & outward process steps were created: Coupon allocation from HO to Stores Coupon allocation from store to user Daily inward of coupons from user to store via delivery boy Direct returned coupons by users to stores Cancelled coupons REPORTS All coupon operations are managed like double entry accounting system. Hence we can get exact tally of coupons on that particular date and time. With this we gave following reports which can be helpful in their day to day operations: Store wise coupon issued to customers Store wise coupon recevied from customers Store balance report Customer balance report Unused card report Card status report Card movement log New  & renew customer report  OUTPUT Since its implementation our client is successfully managing more than 2 Lakh+  of coupons & 40+ stores accross the cities.   TECHNOLOGIES & TOOLS USED Server end we used PHP Codeigniter framework, Angular JS for the frontend rendering. Backend we have used MySQL. Design framework is developed using Bootstrap4. Other day to day tools for project management includes our Aimcor ERP & we use GIT for version control.

case-study    |   02 Aug 2019   |   by Bhaumik Kothari

Introducing our new partner - Brij Kathiriya & updating to LLP from proprietorship

Since its inception in 2012 we at Adeptstation have focused on product development & building sustainable solutions.This needs thorough focus on technical aspects along side bootstrapping the finance part.From management end, i was on this journey almost alone and was looking for a partner from quite long time who understands the pain which goes in product development & most importantly one who shares same passion when it comes to build a tech based revolution.   My search ends with Brij Kathiriya, a colleague from by NCC batch & a Mechatronics Engineer from the same college. He comes with an experience of working with GE for almost 3.5 years, and currently looks after a research & development company focused on embedded & IoT development in Ahmedabad.   I’m sure with his presence we will be able to fill the necessary void at the management end and I personally will be able to focus on couple of performing products & make them easily acceptable in the market.   With this we update the company status to LLP from Proprietorship.   We hope to serve you guys on the journey forward with this newly found enthusiasm. You can connect with us at the following link   Cheers!

15 Feb 2019   |   by Bhaumik Kothari

Is AADHAAR data compromised?

This post is on explaining on AADHAAR authentication in the view of recent issues highlighted by media reports as follows: Let us understand how you can fetch/integrate AADHAAR services Government has already opened up AADHAAR data for building software services using UIDAI authentication protocol. For the same they are promoting platforms like India stacks. So any company or individual can request to integrate AADHAAR authentication with their application by registering with service providers like AADHAAR Bridge. On the portal they have already listed plans for accessing the same & access is provided following a proper KYC process. How the AADHAAR authentication works It comes in 2 variants First just for authentication i.e. it will simply say whether the requested AADHAAR no. is true or false. Also even this happens with minimum authentication of sending an OTP on the registered mobile no. Getting eKYC against the AADHAAR i.e. getting demographics data linked with the AADHAAR. This will work only if the biometric data is sent with the request protocol. For e.g you would have experienced this while getting new Jio sim cards. Is the breach real? There is no report that claims to have got access to 1.2 billion users data on a single click. All reports state that they have got access to a software in which data was available against adding a AADHAAR number using proper authentication request. Also as claimed in the story there seems to be a possible misuse of the Common Service Centres Scheme (CSCS) across India. It seems that few people or group of people have some personal issues with govt. enforcing AADHAAR linking with govt. services & they are always ready to convert any opportunity they get in their way to blame the system without understanding its working. For statement by UIDAI on the issue   No #Aadhaar data breach; Aadhaar data including biometric information is fully safe and secure: @UIDAI, denying report by @thetribunechd, saying it is a case of misreporting 1/2 — PIB India (@PIB_India) January 4, 2018   If you are planning to integrate AADHAAR authentication in your software, shoot an email at    

aadhaar  uidai  indiastacks  aadhaar-integration    |   05 Jan 2018   |   by Bhaumik Kothari

Hostel admission and management software for the M S University of baroda

MS University, is an internationally renowned & one of the oldest centres of learning in western India situated in Vadodara. Every year it has around 10,000 to 15,000 new admissions in various faculties whereas around ~50,000 students are there considering all active batches of various programmes. Out of which University hostels currently provides hostel facilities to around 4500 students.The software application is aimed to streamline the admission process of the university hostels considering the rigorous approval & verification process of each applicants. Also the students are approved and allocated as per the fixed quota for respective faculties for boys and girls. The process involves Registration of students with online payment of the registration & processing fees Generation of uniques applciation id and application submission by students Verification of students data Approval from respective faculty within the fixed quota limits Hostel allocation by the chief warden office for the approved students Payment of hostel fees by the students Room allocation by respective hostel wardens The software will help students seeking hostel rooms to apply and have confirmation without coming to university premises and sitting at their homes. On the University part the application will bring transparency to the hostel & room allocation process other than having meaningful reports directly from the software.   The whole project was accomplished in a very short span of time of one month. It was very much possible due to the active support of VC - Dr. Parimal Vyas, Hon. Director(Computer Center) - Dr. Apurva Shah, System Analyst - Dr. Vinay Pandya & Chief Warden Vijay Parmar. We are also thankful to all the hostel wardens & faculty members for acknowledging our efforts.   We had a successful demonstration of the software on 27-06-2016 and we made it live for students on 28-06-2016.   You can have a look at it by clicking on the following link:   If incase you are looking for similar or any other customized application for your school/college/university please drop an email at:    

msubaroda  hostel-admission-software  hostel-management-software    |   02 Jul 2016   |   by Bhaumik Kothari