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Supercharge your e-commerce site

For a start simple shared hosting seems good to kick start any e-commerce site. Here I'll point out to few other services that if added can supercharge your e-commerce site and actually are required from the industry/user perspective: 1. SSL Certificate It gives your users a trust that their data is encrypted over the network & they can proceed with the payment/checkout with full confidence. Also having an SSL Secured site, will improve your ranking in the google page rank. 2. CDN (Content Delivery Network) CDN makes your images load faster! Not only images, your css, js & other static content is fetched from the nearest available pop, making them load much more faster, giving you less bounce rates. 3. DDoS Protection DDoS attacks against websites / servers are very common these days and most providers will null route your IP for a period of 2 – 48 hours in case a DDoS attack is detected.This will cause all services to remain inaccessible/down for you and your visitors. Having a DDoS Protection means that your websites / services (game servers, etc) will continue to operate normally without any downtime. You can order the above stated services from the following links: SSL Certificate: CDN: DDoS Protection: For any further queries & questions you can email us at: sales[@]adeptstation[.]net

hosting  ddos  ssl  e-commerce  cdn    |   26 Sep 2015   |   by Bhaumik Kothari