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Smart Street Light Software Solution

Last year we got to work on an exicting opportuinity to prove our mettle in IoT. IoT is definitely a game changer for tacking next gen. problems especially to reduce the problems arising out of global warming.   Street light automation or smart street light solution aims to reduce the power utilization according to vehicle frequency and brightness adjustment. Our client here is a government tier-1 solution provider who wanted a poc to be developed according to their hardware needs.   The core part of the software was to achieve robust one-to-one 2-way communication using sockets. We first tried to achieve the same with the help of node-red, though we hit a dead end as node-red didn’t support one-to-one socket connections, in their we were able to achieve only the broadcast to all our hardwares.   DASHBOARD We finalized to build a socket in java as it gives more flexibility to create multi threaded sockets & used PHP/Mysql for dashboard and monitoring software. The dashboard was made to easily access each light on the map & to check the last updated status from the device. Also on, off and brightness control were added to the same. SCHEDULER Scheduler logic was added to group the set of lights from different gateways to broadcast the message. If used effectively, this actually helps in saving the power comsumption. REPORTS Burning hours Power consumption Total saving Fault monitoring The software architecture is read to be scaled up for production usage and we are looking forward to many such exciting projects in the future. At ADEPTSTATION we have a complete agile ecosystem for customized software development and you can also hire dedicated resources for your next project with us. Shoot us an email at [email protected] and come together to achieve your goals. If you are developer and looking out for a job, kindly drop your resume at [email protected].  

IoT  smart city  smart street light    |   08 May 2020   |   by Bhaumik Kothari