Tajpura Eye Hospital ERP Implementation

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Published on 2020-05-09 16:35:40 and last modified on 2020-05-09 17:03:13

Client brief

Shree Narayan Eye Hospital, Tajpura, Gujarat, is a trust managed hospital & does free eye checkups and surgeries for all the patients.



To take online registration of the patients to have managed OPD’s & plan and schedule surgery allocation.



Since this was a trust managed hospital, we are looking here to manage upto 1000 OPD’s and 300 surgeries in a day.


Patient registration

Patient registration is a key part when you are looking to register around thousand patients in a day. The form parameters need to be to the point and very user friendly for the reception desk to easily create a new patient with a photo and a print with unique qr code linked. 



OPD management

After successful registration each patient was given a card with qr code and the doctor has to just scan that to start adding examination data of the respective patient. QR code scan helps save doctors time rather than a patient search in the master.

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Surgery scheduling

Once the patient examination is done, they will be routed to surgery appointment if surgery is advised to them in the OPD. Surgery schedule limits the number of surgeries that can be done on a particular date, and if that number is reached it will auto assigned for the next working date.

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Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

All examination data will be preserved against the patient visit & the doctor will be able to easily view that while taking new examinations. This helps know patients history while in surgery and post surgery treatment.

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We also have covered back office modules like accounting, HR, inventory covered in AIMCOR for smooth functioning of hospital.

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